Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions

If you can not find the answers you are looking for please feel free to call us at 503-246-4268 or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What areas do you deliver to?

We will deliver just about anywhere. Call us and let us know your area and we will give you a delivery quote.

Is the delivery fee included in your canopy prices?

Yes, the delivery fee is included in our canopy prices to the Portland area. For areas outside of Portland you may be charged an additional price for delivery. Delivery is not included in our 10X10 pop-up tents.

Can I set up or take down the canopy myself?

No, we will deliver, set-up, and takedown the canopy for you, which is included in the delivery price. The only exception to this is our pop-up 10X10 tents.

How are your dishes washed and handled?

All of our dishes go through an extensive cleaning process. They are soaked, washed in our high temp dishwasher twice, and are subsequently dried and inspected before they are bagged and placed into their containers.

What happens if I break or lose a dish?

If you break or damage any dishware you will be charged a replacement fee for the item. If you would like to know what the replacement fee is for certain items you can call and we will let you know ahead of time. If you do happen to find items that you are charged a replacement fee for you can bring them back and we will happily refund you.

Do I have to clean the dishes before I return them?

You don’t have to return your dishes 100% clean, although we do appreciate it. No matter how clean the dishes are returned they will still go through our extensive cleaning process. We do ask that your plates are scraped and free of any pieces of food such as lettuce, chicken bones, rice, etc. In other words we shouldn’t be able to tell what you ate for dinner, otherwise a cleaning charge may be added to your order, and our drivers have the right to refuse pick up if they are dirty.

Do I have to repack everything before it is returned or before a driver picks it up?

Yes, we ask that you have everything back in its original container if it came with one. We label our tubs, glass racks, and other containers with the quantity when they go out and with the item name. We do not ask that you have the exact quantity in each container the way it came, but it does help us check in your order more quickly. You do not need to repack the items in plastic bags if they came in one. Those are yours to recycle. We do ask that you have your order ready to go and all together for when our driver arrives for pick-up.

What happens if my order comes and something is missing or damaged?

If by any chance something is missing from your order, and you have checked thoroughly through everything give us a call and we will run the missing item out to you. We do ask that as soon as you get your order you go over everything and give us a call and let us know if there is any damage or anything missing otherwise if you let us know after your event and we check our paper work and everything is checked off and our staff remembers sending it out you may be charged for a replacement fee.

How are your linens prepared and sent out?

We put a lot of time and quality care into our linens. They are spot treated before they get put into the washer and from there they are separated and washed in individual loads by color. Next they are dried, ironed, and inspected on a lighted ironing table before they are folded and hung with a plastic covering. If any linen has a spot on it during the inspection and ironing process it is rejected and sent through our cycle again.

Do I need to wash the linens before I return them?

No, we ask you not to wash them before they are returned. If there is food, confetti, or other debris on the linens we ask that you shake them out and put them in the mesh laundry bag that is included with your order. Linens must be returned dry otherwise mold can quickly grow on them and you may be charged for a replacement since we can’t get mold out of linens.

When do I pay for my order? Why do you require a credit card number?

We will not charge you for your order until everything is returned. We take a credit card number and put in on file in case something happens to our inventory or in case it doesn’t get returned. When your order is returned we can charge the credit card you originally gave us, or we can take cash or checks. We do however, charge you for your delivery fee (if applicable) before your items leave our store.

If I am renting a concession machine, do you sell the supplies for it?

Yes, we sell everything that goes with our machines such as our margarita mixes (you will have to supply your own alcohol), sno-cone papers, popcorn, cotton candy sugar, etc.

What happens if I cancel my order?

If you cancel your order within 48 hours before it is set to go out there will be a 50% restocking fee. There will not be a charge for orders that are cancelled more than 48 hours in advance.

I have a smaller event and will only need a few things. Can I rent here or do you only cater to big events?

We will fill any order no matter how small it is. There is no requirement on how large or small your order has to be.

What types of events have you done in the past? Where can I find out about events that are open to the public?

We have done several large events that have been open to the public. We set-up car races, The Blues Fest, The Bite of Portland, PrideNW, Brew Fest, Race the Reaper, and more. To see what’s coming up check out our event calendar.