Bubble Blizzard

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 4.28.08 PM

  1. Place Bubble Wizard on washable surface, table cloth, or towel as broken bubbles around the machine will inevitably occur.
  2. Put one or any combination of blades on bolt and secure with wing nut. (The larger holes will generally produce larger bubbles. For maximum bubble production, use all 5 blades.) The blades need to rotate through the bubble solution several times before they start to function properly. The more bubbles the machine blows, the faster it will use up the bubble solution.
  3. Fill well with bubble solution.
  4. Plug into any household outlet and turn on switch located at back of machine.
  5. Refill as needed.
  6. Machine should be cleaned after each use. Blades should be removed and rinsed thoroughly and dried. Clean outside of case with sponge and warm water. DO NOT submerge Bubble Blizzard or pour water into Fan or Blower Tube.
  7. The blade drive motor is reversible and the bubble blizzard will function equally well with blades turning either direction. Keep children away from blades- but as a safety measure the blades simply reverse directions if a small finger gets too inquisitive.