• 4 bases
  • 4 “bamboo” poles
  • 4 top frame pieces
  • 12 top frame cross poles
  • 12 black plastic ends
  • 4 decorative finials
  • 1 ivory fabric coverlet with gold trim or 1 white lac. coverlet


  1. Set “bamboo” poles into the bases
  2. Place frame pieces on top with recesses facing out
  3. Screw the top finials onto the bolts (please be careful not to bend the bolts).
  4. Slip top frame cross poles (6 to a side) into one side of the top frame.
  5. Weave the other 6 cross poles into place. Weave a pattern of 2 over and 2 under while alternating rows.
  6. Secure the cross poles with the 12 black plastic ends.
  7. Drape fabric coverlet over top of chuppa. Secure it down with the finials. You will have to take the finials off to put fabric into place and then replace finials.

Chuppa top & parts are to be returned in brown crate.

The following charges will be applied to your bill in case of loss or damage:

  • Chuppa fabric top — replacement charge $250.00
  • Brass finials — replacement charge $25.00 each
  • Plastic ends — replacement charge $0.50 each
  • Brown crate — replacement charge $40.00

If any parts are bent or broken because of incorrect setup or take down, you will be billed for repair.

PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE — it is the only chuppa available in Portland! Thank you.