Cotton Candy Machine


Please Read The Following Information Carefully Before Use and Follow All Instructions For Proper, Trouble-Free Operation<

To Start Operating

  1. Plug in Cotton Candy Machine, turn “Main Power & Motor” Switch to ON position.
  2. WITH MOTOR RUNNING, fill floss head about 90% full with sugar. Do not overfill. While filling there may be a vibration-type noise until the head is full. Whenever you add sugar to the floss head, always fill it about 90% full. NEVER ADD SUGAR WHEN MOTOR IS NOT RUNNING.
  3. Turn “Heat Range” knob to Position “A”. Rotate “Heat Control Fine Tuning” knob to maximum position (Position No.8). This will produce the fastest possible warm up.
  4. You should start making floss in a few seconds. When the unit gets up to hear, it will probably start to smoke. Reduce the “Heat Control Fine Tuning” setting to eliminate the smoke. If smoke continues, turn the “Heat Range” switch knob to Position “B”, and set the “Heat Control Fine Tuning” knob to Position NO.8. If smoke still continues, reduce the “Heat Control Fine Tuning” setting and if necessary, turn “Heat Range” knob to Position “C”. NOTE: You can fine tune in all three heat range positions.
  5. Once you find the ideal setting for the “Heat Range” switch and “Heat Control Fine Tuning” knob, you should be able to operate near these same positions each time you operate the Cotton Candy Machine.

You are now ready to make cotton candy “floss”!

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