Fog Machine


  1. Place the machine in a well-ventilated area and make sure the fogger’s vents are not covered or restricted.
  2. Fill the fluid container with Fog Solution.
  3. Attach the remote control to the back of the fog machine.
  4. Plug the machine into an appropriate outlet. The power draw is approximately 1000 watts, or 10 amps. The red LED light will turn on, indicating that the fogger has heated up and is now ready for use.


The output nozzle gets very hot- do not touch it. Keep the area in front of the machine clear up to 10 feet away. NEVER AIM TOWARDS PEOPLE OR THEIR CLOTHING. Use same care that you would observe when using an electric kettle or iron!

Manual Operation

  1. To create fog, press & hold down the green momentary switch on the remote control.
  2. Release the button to stop fogging. Note that fog will continue to be produced for 10-15 seconds after you release the green button. You can create fog for up to a full minute. After that, the green LED will go out, indicating that the fogger has gone into reheat mode.
  3. It takes approximately one minute for the fogger to reheat, during which time the pump is shut down for safety reasons.
  4. When the green LED relights, the machine has reheated and power has been restored to the pump.
  5. The machine is ready to create more fog.

Automatic Timer Operation

  1. Press the yellow button to activate the timer.
  2. The yellow LED will light indicating “Timer Activated”.
  3. Adjust the duration of fog blast from 1-12 seconds with the left hand “Duration” knob.
  4. Adjust the cycle time between blasts from 1 0 seconds to 5 minutes with the right hand “Interval” knob.
  5. Keep in mind that fog will continue to come out for 10-15 seconds after the duration has ended.

NOTE: Always make sure there is enough liquid in the fluid container. Running the pump without liquid causes damage to the pump & heater. DO NOT use fluid other than purchased fog solution.

MAINTENANCE: Run distilled water through the fogger once a month. This prevents accumulation of dirt inside the heater and eventual clogging. If output is reduced, and flushing with distilled water does not help, try to clean the nozzle with a small pin to dislodge dirt that may have accumulated there.


Nozzle is hot when fogger is turned on. Allow fogger to cool before cleaning nozzle. Except for the fuse, there are no user-serviceable parts inside this fogger.