Hawaii’s Finest Ice Shaver



  1. Be sure to connect electrical plug to a grounded receptacle only.
  2. Leave enough room in the back of machine to allow hookup of drain hose. Dump unused ice and water from drain hose to floor drain or basin tub. Drain water from hose is not intended for human consumption!
  3. Be sure unit is on table that is sturdy and can withstand accidental dripping of water and ice.

Using Your Machine

  1. Allow ice to soften at least (1) hour in a ice cooler before use, using ice straight from the freezer effects the quality of the shaved ice as well as it could damage the shaver blade.
  2. Lift cover lid and load ice cubes to ½” of top, close lid. Be sure ice is loaded evenly in each cavity. Place cup directly below ice chute and turn power “ON”.
    • NOTE: Failure to close lid will cause machine not to operate!
  3. Adjust blade height with adjustment knob to achieve the preferred ice texture.
  4. To stop, turn power switch to “OFF” position. NOTE: Should the motor thermal protector trip (the motor stops despite machine being plugged in and the power switch in the “ON” position), reset by pushing the red button. It is recommended the cause of over load be found and eliminated before continuing. The machine may need to cool a bit before the reset button may take effect.