Margarita Machine


General Operating Instructions

NOTE: Each ½ gallon container of drink mix makes 2½ gallons of drink per side.

  1. Pour ½ gallon drink mix into each side of machine.
  2. Pour ½ gallon of alcohol (or juice, soda, etc.) into each side of machine.
  3. Fill with water to 2½ gallon mark.

Starting at room temperature, mixture will take 1 to 1½ hours to freeze.

Using alcohol, mixture will take 1½ to 2 hours to freeze. Pre-mix and chill for faster service.

Never let machine get more than ½ empty before refilling.

If you see white augers, you have gone too far and must refill and wait for mixture to reach the right consistency before using.

Machine can output 80 8-oz. drinks (5 gallons) per hour without alcohol, and 50 8-oz. drinks per hour with alcohol.

DO NOT TURN OFF MIXERS WHEN FROZEN PRODUCT IS IN THE BOWL. If not agitated, product may freeze into a solid block of ice. Do not restart unit if this happens until all ice is melted.

  • Power Switch: “O” position is OFF and power is turned off to all functions. “I” position is ON and power is turned on to all functions.
  • Light Switch: “O” position means all top cover lights are off. “I” position means all top cover lights are on, provided the Power Switch is on.
  • Mixer and Refrigeration Switch: “O” position is off. “I” position means mixer and refrigeration are on in “soft drink mode”, “II” position means mixer and refrigeration are on in “granita mode”.

To Operate Dispenser

  1. Set power switch to “I” position.
  2. Set the mixer and refrigeration switches.
    • To the “I” position to get soft drinks
    • To the “II” position to get granita.


Always make sure that BRIX (% of sugar content) of granita mix is over 13%. (If natural juices such as fresh-squeezed lemon or orange or sugarless products such as coffee are used, dissolve 150 to 200 grams of sugar per liter.) Always leave the dispenser on as the refrigeration stops automatically when the granita reaches proper thickness or density. The mixers will continue to turn.

Set mixer and refrigeration switch to the “I” position for at least 1 hour before turning machine off. This eliminates any blocks of ice forming which could result in damage to mixers or their motors when the unit is switched back on and a damaged equipment charge.