Popcorn Machine


General Operating Instructions


The motor air intake and exhaust holes located on top of the machine must be clear of any obstruction. DO NOT COVER THESE AIR VENT HOLES as serious motor damage will result.

Check to insure the installation of the Corn Drawer before the popping cycle is started.

With all switches in the “OFF” position, proceed in the following sequence to pop corn:

  1. Turn “ON” the Corn Warming Switch.
  2. Turn “ON” the kettle switch. The switch controls the kettle heating element. The red pilot light is provided to indicate when the kettle switch is “ON”. Allow 6 to 7 minutes to pre-heat the kettle. The kettle heating is thermostatically controlled. Thermostat adjustments should not be necessary as it has been preset at the factory for the correct popping temperature.
  3. Turn “ON” the agitator motor switch located at the right end of the motor housing. This switch will function only when the kettle is in the “ON” position. If the kettle switch is turned “OFF” the motor will also stop. This motor should always be running when there is corn in the kettle. This will prevent scorching or burning of the corn.
  4. Pour pre-measured packet of oil & corn into machine.
  5. When the corn stops popping, dump the kettle immediately by turning the handle clockwise approximately 90° to release the latch. Recharge as quickly as possible. Screen out un popped kernels over the perforated section of the corn pan.
  6. Turn the kettle off when the desired amount of popping corn is completed.


  • Do not leave the kettle and motor switch “ON” when the machine is not in use.
  • Do not immerse kettle in water or allow water to come into contact with the heating element.
  • Popping corn in dry kettle is NOT recommended.
  • Do not connect machine to direct current, as this unit is designed to operate on alternating current only.