Power Tapper

Operating Instructions

  1. Charge Battery Pak for 14-16 hours before using. To maintain full battery capacity it is good to allow the battery to run completely down every two or three months.
  2. Connect Power Tapper to keg.
    • Make sure the lever on the valve coupler is in the UP position.
    • Match up the openings of the keg to the valve coupler and twist it on until it is tight.
    • Pull the lever handle towards you and push down to lock it in place.
  3. Plug Battery Pak or AC Adapter into Power Tapper plug jack.
  4. Power Tapper will automatically turn on and off as needed. There are no adjustments.
  5. When finished, unplug Battery Pak or AC adapter from the Power Tapper before disconnecting from the keg.

Before Cleaning

Unscrew the Power Unit from the keg coupler valve. DO NOT SUBMERSE POWER UNIT IN WATER.


  • If you are converting a hand pump or C02 couple valve to a Power Tapper, pleas remove the rubber Thomas valve (back flow prevention valve) prior to screwing the Power Tapper onto the keg coupler valve. The Thomas valve is not needed, and will only confuse the Power Tapper.
  • If the Battery Pak fills with water, just remove the 4 screws on the underside of the case, take off the lid and empty out the water. This will not damage the Battery Pak.
  • Keg must be a fresh keg that has not been previously used with either C02 or a hand pump.
  • Beer must be cold.
  • The ideal serving temperature of draft beer is 38°F. Beer temperature over 40°F will cause excessive foaming.