Propane Deep Fryer

NOTE: The wiring diagram is attached to the inside of the fryer door. The fryer is equipped with a millivolt control system which does not need an outside power source.


CLEANING: Wash thoroughly with hot, soapy water to remove any film residue and dust or debris before food preparation, then rinse out & wipe dry. Close the drain valve completely and remove the crumb screen. Make sure the screws holding the thermostat and limit control sensing bulbs into the vessel are tight.

WARNING: If gas odors are detected, the gas supply must be shut off at the main shut-off valve and the local gas company or authorized service agency contacted for service.

WARNING: When lighting pilot lights and checking for burner performance, do not stand with your face close to the burners. Gas may build up and cause flash-back and facial bums.


  1. The inlet pipe at the lower rear of the fryer brings incoming gas to the pilot safety control valve, then to the pilot and/or main burners. The pilot is located high in the cabinet center, at the base of the fryer vessel. It will require a long match or taper to light.
  2. Turn off the manual shut-off valve on the incoming service line.
  3. Turn the operating thermostat “off’.
  4. Depress the pilot gas cock dial on the safety control valve and turn “off”.
  5. Wait at least 5 minutes for any accumulated gas to disperse.
  6. Fill fryer tank with liquid oil (or water during testing) to the “oil level” line scribed into the rear wall of the tank.
  7. Open the manual shut-off valve on the incoming service line.
  8. Apply a lighted match or taper to the pilot burner head.
  9. Turn the safety valve gas cock to “Pilot”. Depress and hold the dial until the pilot stays lit when the dial is released. This may take a minute or longer.
  10. If the pilot does not stay lit, depress the dial and re-light it, holding the dial in longer before releasing. It may be necessary to re-light the pilot several times until the lines are purged of trapped air and a constant gas flow is attained.
  11. When the pilot stays lit, turn the gas cock dial to “on”.
  12. Turn the thermostat to any “on” setting and watch to make sure the main burner ignites from the pilot.


These steps will check main burner operation, initial thermostat calibration, and clean the vessel for initial food production.

  1. Fill the fryer with hot or cold water to the oil level line scribed in the back of the tank.
  2. Set the operating thermostatltemperature controller dial to 220°F (104°C), just above that of boiling water.
  3. The main burner will ignite.
  4. Reset the temperature controller to 200°F (93°C).