Stockpot Cookers

Stock Pot Cookers


  • Select a suitable location to operate the unit. All 4 legs must be resting on a firm level surface. It is advisable to select a sheltered location as the flame is more stable and easier to control when sheltered from wind. In cool weather, wind blowing over the upper surfaces of the pot can carry heat away almost as rapidly as it is applied to the bottom. Whenever possible, keep the pot covered to conserve heat.
  • Always have the cooking pot in place and filled when lighting he burner. Never light the burner under an empty pot. With a high flame the bottom of the pot can be damaged or melted in a matter of minutes. When frying or browning foods in the bottom of the pot, keep the fire low and watch closely.
  • When cooking thick or heavy foods, stir often to prevent burning or sticking. Always keep the level of liquid in the pot well below the top. Always keep the fire under control to prevent boiling over. Boil-overs can extinguish the fire. In extreme instances, with certain foods, boil-overs can plug the burner openings or the burner jet, rendering the unit inoperable.
  • Use only with propane cylinders designed for upright use and equipped with shutoff valve and female P.O.L fitting.
  • The bottle bracket is designed for 20 lb. bottles.
  • Follow the lighting instructions printed on the unit.


  • Clean the painted and aluminum coated surfaces with dish washing detergent and water.
  • Thoroughly wash and scour the interiors of stock pots atter each use. If lime depOSits occur, remove with commercial lime removers.


  • Use caution in handling propane gas and operating propane gas fueled appliances. Gas allowed to escape can result in a fire or explosion. It is heavier than air and may settle in any confined space or depression.
  • Do not operate the unit in a building or other confined space where escaped gas can accumulate.
  • Do not operate the unit in an area without adequate ventilation where the oxygen supply could be depleted or products of combustion could accumulate.
  • Always remove propane gas bottle when not in use.
  • Never leave unattended while operating. Keep children and pets away.
  • Be certain the unit is resting on a solid level surface. Do not move the unit with a filled pot in place.
  • Use caution in handling large stock pots. The large quantity of hot water or food can be dangerous if spilled.
  • Do not try to make repairs yourself. Call Barbur Blvd. Rentals at 503-246-4268 if problems not covered here are encountered.